About UniRaffle

UniRaffle is a start up not-for-profit organisation. 


Our core mission is to help students whom are suffering through financial hardship which is why all proceeds from our competitions will go directly to the UniRaffle hardship fund. All of which is funded by competition entries and donations here at UniRaffle.


This hardship fund will allow us to lower the financial strain put onto students, currently 71% of students worry about making ends meat from studies taken by savethestudent.org in 2020. We believe this needs to change, it shouldn’t be normalised to struggle financially in university. Which is why we want to start this fund to help these students, relieving their stress and helping them prosper at university.


The hardship fund will be open to any student in need, financially, they can simply email in giving reasoning as to why they should be given the grant and if selected will receive the aid they requested (we will not be giving out cash aid) . This is subject to availability of funds but we aim to help as many students as possible.


UniRaffle upon future expansion is hopeful to provide graduate jobs. Given the amount of graduate jobs has severely decreased since Covid-19 has struck the graduate job market. Potentially offering jobs in marketing, finance and website management. 


If you’d like to get in contact early contact jobs@uniraffle.co.uk with your CV and why you’d be perfect for a position at UniRaffle.

Our mission is to help Students financially.