Student Hardship Fund

Proceeds from students entering UniRaffle competitions will go towards the UniRaffle hardship fund. This fund is open to anyone in need of financial aid whilst studying at university in the UK.


Who receives this aid is subject to availability of funds and as we are a start up this maybe a slow process at first so sadly we will not get to everyone. Those considered with the greatest need will receive funds first.




The hardship fund will never give out cash aid to any applicant, all help will be provided and payed for directly by UniRaffle.


You’re most likely to be considered under the following conditions:

  • You have financial evidence of hardship.
  • You have special circumstances that have left you unable to fund your university experience alone.
  • You need help in funding accommodation in order to attend university. 

UniRaffle aims to always give back to students monthly and weekly where possible. We will distribute the proceeds to our selected students from those whom have applied. Our aim is to help those students that need it most.

Apply to the UniRaffle Hardship Fund Below